Are you looking to implement self-service for your customers, or are you assessing the quality of your current self-service solution? Would you like to hear some tips on achieving self-service success?

Self-service is a tremendous tool for organizations, offering a way to save money while improving the customer experience. When executed properly, it can reduce service costs, decrease calls, and improve customer satisfaction.Girl_with_questions_resized

But how do you get it right?

While many organizations have by now implemented some form of self-service, some common mistakes persist, preventing these companies from seeing the benefits they hoped to achieve. Common mistakes include:

  • Static, out-of-date FAQs
  • Inconsistent information between self-service and the contact center
  • Interfaces that are not tailored to a mobile user
  • Inability to easily escalate to assisted service.

Join me on April 13 at 2 p.m. ET for destinationCRM’s Top Strategies for Self-Service Success. During this webinar, I’ll discuss:

  • How a successful self-service strategy requires looking beyond just self-service
  • How to reduce effort and improve the customer experience with self-service
  • The critical impact of knowledge management in self-service.

Self-service can no longer be an afterthought. Join this webinar and set your plans in motion.