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Entries Tagged ‘Multichannel Listening’

Social Social everywhere – but Customer Service is nowhere

When you read the survey that says 71% of customer complaints sent via Twitter meet with no response, you realize that for many companies, having a Twitter account is more about lip service then any actual service. Of course, ‘no response’ doesn’t have to equate with ‘no reaction’ but with half of the surveyed group expecting […]


What if…?

Some questions for customer service and customer experience managers to think about… What if: your agents could follow the right process, just as you had designed it? your agents didn’t have to ALT_TAB through 15 applications on their desktop? your agents didn’t have to use Post-it notes or index cards or refer to training manuals? […]


Why Social, Listening and Customer Experience Initiatives belong in Customer Service

The new voice of the customer is putting a huge burden on the old ear of business. With the advent of social media, telling ten friends can now mean influencing ten million friends. The resulting tidal shift in the business-to-customer relationship has businesses scrambling to adjust: B2C companies are now employing new listening technologies, appointing […]


SEM is Agile

In the race for most over-used and abused Marketing-speak, ‘agile’ is gaining rapidly on smart/smarter/intelligent. How can we make Agile customer service real, rather than just facile jargon? Our answer: insure that KANA SEM is Agile, rather than just another technology fluttering aimlessly towards the abstract idea of ‘agility’. To that end, Service Experience Management (SEM) is designed […]


People Power

I work in a business that invents cutting edge technology. It’s powerful stuff and it makes a tremendous difference to a company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. Does all this happen by software alone? No… none of this is possible without the involvement of people. To deliver an outstanding product you need outstanding people. I firmly […]


What Insights Can You Expect to Find Using a Multichannel Listening System?

Overtone analyzes millions of social media comments for many key industries. Recently, we took a look at the wireless and telecommunications industry and found an interesting correlation: The topic of switching providers is mentioned in nearly 1 in 5 social media comments about wireless service coverage. It may not come as a surprise that customers […]