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Rev Up the Pulse of Contact Center Operations

Contact center leaders and managers understand time and resource challenges all too well. Add an ever-increasing need for a great customer experience to the mix, and it’s clear that every advantage is needed to stay competitive. In many customer service environments, IVR and WFO analytics have not been considered together—and that presents an improvement opportunity. […]


For 2017, Resolve to Maximize Your Contact Center Technology Investments

How can organizations start to think more strategically in the New Year about maximizing their technology investments? One way is by looking at IVR and WFO-generated customer insights as a single entity—rather than separate ones. Enterprises can thus strengthen the value from both solutions and likely be on their way to improving the customer experience. […]


The Importance of Voice Self-Service in Government Digital First Strategies

Sometimes viewed by organizations as a bit onerous, voice self-service is actually generating significant savings in government agencies across the world. Therefore, it should not be ignored in this extended age of austerity. Implemented incorrectly, voice self-service can be viewed as a barrier to speaking to an agent—we have all had this kind of IVR […]


Adaptive IVR: It’s All About Behavior

When you hear terms such as “adaptive personalization,” Interactive Voice Response (IVR) probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. In fact, most people don’t associate those words with the contact center at all, but they are becoming increasingly important in the customer service profession and in other service-oriented industries. Although I didn’t realize […]