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Entries Tagged ‘Feedback’

How to Design and Build a Great Survey: 10 Lessons Learned from Voice of the Customer Trenches

Never before has the voice of the customer been more important—and surveys are at the core of our feedback efforts. They provide a great opportunity to discover what our customers think of what we do—and what their expectations are. Surveys offer the facts on which we build our CX efforts. What we learn from our […]


To Improve Is to Change—to Be Perfect Is to Change Often: Part 2

In part one of this blog we reflected on how the challenge of delivering public services is occasionally increased by the advent of internal organisational change. This is something being wrestled with by over forty local councils and municipalities in New South Wales, Australia, which are being merged to form nineteen new organizations. Their efforts […]


2015 CX Impact Award Winner—Verint’s Own Nancy Porte

October really has become a focal point all over the world for customer experience. If you travel quite a bit globally, you see it in airports, hotels and signage everywhere. Why all of the buzz around customer experience this month? A lot of it has to do with the practitioners themselves, many of whom are […]


The Unknown Benefits of Gamification – Part Two

Part one of this blog series introduced the lesser known benefits of gamification. In this post, we’ll explore how gamification can actually help create happier, more engaged employees. Employers are looking for ways to create more satisfied employees. That helps with customer experiences and engagement, and can help reduce attrition. Gamification can assist these efforts. […]


The Unknown Benefits of Gamification – Part One

Most people, when asked, will say that gamification is about using badges and points—and that employees will compete against each other to get the best result. Competition-driven gamification is indeed the crux of conventional wisdom about gamification. However, conventional wisdom isn’t always right. It is true that gamification is a good way to create positive […]