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Entries Tagged ‘Customer Service Surveys’

Customers Driving Rules of Engagement for Financial Services: Infographic and White Paper

What did more than 2,000 American consumers tell us1 made a recent positive customer experience better than their experiences with other companies? 47% felt they dealt with my request quickly 34% said they understood my issue and history 33% felt the person they spoke to was able to make decisions without checking with their manager […]


The 7 Deadly Survey Sins and How to Avoid Them

If you are a fan of baseball, Kevin Costner or simply great movies, you probably have watched “Field of Dreams.” Costner’s character, farmer Ray Kinsella, hears a whispering voice while walking one evening in his corn field. “If you build it, he will come.” Ray, with innocent enthusiasm, builds a baseball field in the middle […]


Little Things Matter

Capturing and analyzing customer input across web, telephone, email and mobile channels can help organizations drive customer engagement optimization. But what specific approaches should you take? One of the top accounting and business consulting firms in North America recognizes that customer service is the key to its ongoing success and growth. Associates at every level […]