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Entries Tagged ‘citizen engagement’

2017: Transforming Government Perspectives

Toward the end of 2016 I had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of many people who worked at city, state and national government and who participated in the first few Citizen2020 ‘Conversations Workshops.’ Our most recent workshop was held in San Francisco just a few weeks after Donald Trump was elected President. Many of […]


Improving Digital Engagement with the UK Government

Recently, the British government announced a £1 billion pound investment for faster broadband and 5G in the UK, which will benefit consumers and businesses. Unfortunately, government departments or local councils looking for a boost in funding to improve digital services were left empty-handed. The investment in faster broadband and cellular infrastructure shows that the demand […]


Going “Back to the Future” with Silos

In another life, as “Bob the Movie Man,” I am a prolific film reviewer—so, I often frame business problems in terms of famous movies. For those old enough to remember “Back to the Future,” Marty McFly jumped into Doc Brown’s souped-up DeLorean and traveled back in time. What would happen if Marty got into the […]


Verint Speakers: Humanizing Customer Engagement in a Digital World

CRM Xchange Virtual Conference November 3; Best Practices Roundtable Verint’s Rajeev Venkat, senior director, solutions marketing, will present “E2 = CEO” as part of the “Best Practices in 60 Minutes” roundtable at 4 p.m. ET with an emphasis on employees and the enterprise for successful Customer Engagement Optimization (E2 = CEO). Venkat will also discuss […]