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Verint Speakers: Customer Loyalty and Cyber Threats Take Center Stage Worldwide

CRM Magazine Roundtable October 5; Webinar Verint’s Daniel Ziv, vice president, customer analytics, will present “Optimize Customer Experiences with Actionable Data” at 2 p.m. ET. Customer service departments and entire enterprises need to deliver more personalized and proactive engagements. Attendees will learn how to quickly discover customer issues and behavior trends through analytics to make […]


The Spotlight Is On the Back Office—Finally!

Managers and executives responsible for the back-office, the non-customer facing area of an organization that processes the goods and service requests of its customers, have been overlooked for a long time. There are no industry associations for back-office professionals such as the CCNG, a member network for Contact Center, Customer Service, and Customer Experience Management […]


Trick or Treat—Can You Trust Your Data?

Halloween is a dichotomy of trick or treat, and so are business initiatives to improve efficiencies through technology. Many programs and solutions promise sweet results, but businesses are often suspicious. Is the latest technology actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Distrustful Educator Take a leading online educator who implemented Verint Desktop and Process Analytics to […]