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Employees: The Key to Successful Branch Transformation

Some of today’s financial institutions are changing from a traditional staffing model—based on tellers and transactions—to a universal banker model. This is a direct response to consumers’ increasing adoption of digital channels and their desire for advanced advisory services when visiting the branch. This staffing transformation has a wide impact on many aspects of business […]


Customers Driving Rules of Engagement for Financial Services: Infographic and White Paper

What did more than 2,000 American consumers tell us1 made a recent positive customer experience better than their experiences with other companies? 47% felt they dealt with my request quickly 34% said they understood my issue and history 33% felt the person they spoke to was able to make decisions without checking with their manager […]


How Vulnerable is Your Brand?

Terms such as ATM skimming, identity theft, data breaches, scams, kiting, and phishing are becoming all too prevalent in today’s society. In just the last five years we’ve seen large, well-known retail and financial services organizations attacked by hackers and other nefarious individuals looking to steal personal information, transactional data or even funds from those […]


Convergence: The Big Pivot for Financial Security

All you need to do is open a magazine, turn on the news or walk the floor of an industry tradeshow to know that the security landscape is changing.  In previous years security was limited to the protection of physical assets and people—but that is no longer the case.  A convergence is underway that will […]


Digitally Transforming the Bank Branch: The First Step

It may seem odd to begin a digital transformation with a legacy physical asset like a bank branch, but the reality is that the branch can be the face of any digital transformation project. Many believe that the bank branch is on borrowed time. There is no doubt that the branch has indeed suffered when […]


The Way of the Future: Technology and Branch Designs of the Modern Retail Bank

Innovation among retail banks is a slow-going, yet essential part of keeping up with market trends. Currently, Celent is conducting a series of surveys with a selected panel of banking professionals to investigate if and how branch channel transformation is taking place among various retail banks. In our first round of surveys, we sought to […]