I have the pleasure of working with a crack HR team at KANA. From the first interaction during recruiting to onboarding, employee development and setting the tone for the unique corporate culture, they are a critcal part of the KANA experience.

I got the opportunity to catch up with Megan Coen, a Sr. Human Resources Representative, to ask her what working at KANA means. She is as much fun to work with as it looks from this video (1:29).
working-at-kana-vlog-thumbnailHere’s what she said:

“Working at KANA is a great experience.  We want to support our employees and make them feel like their time here is important.  We want it to count.

When I talk to candidates they usually ask, ‘What qualities does KANA look for in an employee?’  It’s a good question.  We want people with good technical experience, but having the technical chops to do a job doesn’t always mean you have a good ‘fit.’  KANA creates customer service solutions so you have to be passionate about great customer service, no matter where you are in the business. You really have to be committed to customer service to be successful at KANA.

You should enjoy working on challenging projects.  You’ll succeed if you are a proactive, ‘can do’ person who takes problems on and resolves them rather than passing them to the next person.  You really have to be passionate about solving problems.

At KANA you have to be flexible.  Our business is growing all the time, and growth means change.  You have to be willing and interested–and, more than that, excited–about learning new skills, coming at a problem in a new way, working with new people, you can’t be afraid of change.

It also helps to be fun to work with, have a good sense of humor,  and remember that HR loves cookies.  KANA is a wonderful place to work, and if you join our team you’ll gain great experience that counts.”