Anyone want to buy a new iPhone? Even though I prefer Android, I now appear to have two iPhones.

To give you some background, my daughter is looking for a new mobile phone this Christmas. So, a few weeks ago, I hit the comparison sites to find the best deal. I placed an order for what I thought would be next day delivery with a mobile phone broker here in the UK. The next day nothing arrived.

I sent an email to the company and got an automated reply saying that my email would be answered within 24 hours. About a day later, I got what appeared to be a standard reply informing me of delivery delays of at least two weeks on my selected model. Rather than take the risk, I decided to cancel my order and purchase elsewhere. I made two cancelation attempts by phone; I gave up after twice being on hold for 30 minutes. I made two cancelation attempts by email, each time I got the standard reply with no personal reply to my email. Finally, I got on Twitter to complain and had a group hug with fellow “customers” who were having similar problems.

So obviously my customer onboarding process has been a disaster. Inaccurate Web page information has been exacerbated by a complete absence of multichannel customer service. Even the most basic customer channel of the lot, the phone, didn’t work.

In mitigation, this is probably a classic example of a young company struggling to cope with seasonal spikes in demand as people rush to purchase mobile phones as a Christmas gift. However, this really is no longer an excuse. One of the key benefits of cloud technologies is the ability to rapidly scale up or scale down your IT infrastructure in response to seasonal peaks and troughs in demand. Here at KANA, we have a number of clients, including 1-800-Flowers , who have chosen KANA Express, our cloud-based omni-channel customer service platform to handle their seasonal spikes in demand.

So now I have two iPhones. The second company delivered the phone to me as promised within 48 hours. I’m still trying to contact the first company to find out how I return the phone.

Happy Christmas