We have been hearing a lot about the impending “Age of the Customer” and how critical our employees are to enabling this new age. In fact, some would argue that this new age is already here and if you haven’t prepared your staff, then you will be left behind.

That’s because great customer engagement starts with your team (the employees themselves)! Many times employees need training on systems and processes that can enable them to maximize customer engagement.5-star-service_image_for_Ryans_blog_resized.png

Here at Verint we are committed to improving customer engagement—what you might call “smart engagement”—across many industries. What we are referring to is the right combination of solutions that can connect every channel to create complete, consistent and contextual experiences that count—every time customers engage.

As a result, you can deploy the right solutions to empower employees and achieve continuous performance improvement at every interaction point.

You can analyze customer and employee experience data in real time to design and implement customer-centric business strategies that help unite the organization.  As a result, you have better alignment across the people and processes within your organization and can move much more quickly to take precise action to deliver differentiated and personalized experiences that count.

This improved alignment leads to more engaged employees who are spurred on by solutions that capture and manage information about customers and performance, then use it to help predict measurable, sustainable business results.

Bottom line: More engaged employees produce happier, more satisfied customers. You already know that a company’s success is built on the foundation of good employees, more so than ever! National Customer Service Week is a great opportunity to stop and thank employees who are on the front lines with customers. Day in and day out, they put customers first.

NCSW_Graphics2016_Email.jpgCustomers first, and employees always. I said this last year and it’s more true than it has ever been, because your competitors are only a click away.  We suggest you take the time to slow down this week and say thank you to your employees. This is powerful and demonstrates an attitude of gratitude and affirms the value of their commitment to your customers.

We “practice what we preach” when it comes to customer and employee engagement. Here at Verint, we regularly discuss developing “Customers for Life” as a cultural evolution. We know that we enjoy a relationship with our customers because of our employees! In fact, our own customer experience team here at Verint, led by Nancy Porte, brings the customer voice into the organization.

As a result, many areas are working on how they can change systems and processes to serve the customer better and make their lives easier. We believe that customer loyalty is built on employees being empowered to do the right thing for the customer.

When you build your business on your employees and empower them to serve your customers well, everyone wins. And your customers of today can likely become your customers of tomorrow. Then they become champions and recommend you to others—and so it goes!

Tomorrow you will hear from Nancy about CX Day and why working hard to provide a great customer experience is always worth the effort.