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Entries for the ‘Speech Analytics’ Category

Why Speech Analytics Is a Must Have

Speech Analytics (SA) was introduced to the call or contact center a decade or so ago. SA transcribes and analyzes audio in every phone call to discover powerful, rich actionable insights. It has now reached a stage akin to how other contact center technologies such as Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Management (WFM) are viewed […]


How Best to Deploy and Use Real-Time Speech Analytics

With the speed of doing business increasing at a pace unheard of just five years ago, today’s organizations want to do some things in real time. While speech analytics has become widely used across a wide variety of industries, customers who rely on the insights to stay competitive don’t want to wait in certain situations—they […]


Speech Analytics: Debunking the Myths

Like the urban legends that lurk ceaselessly on the Internet, every industry has its own share of myths that seem to take on a life of their own.  Even in the contact center industry we have our share of myths, misunderstandings and mix-ups. Unfortunately, we don’t have our own version of Snopes to check on […]


Unlocking the Customer Phone Call With Speech Analytics

Every organization that wants to stay competitive needs customer insights—how do they want to do business, and what does it take to earn their long-term loyalty? The answers heavily depend on the (actual) voice of the customer. More than ever before, guessing what customers want without actually hearing from them is a risky strategy. Speech […]