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Entries for the ‘Gamification’ Category

Gamification Is the HOW of Performance Management

Performance management lets employees, managers and the organization know where they are achieving or falling short of their goals. But knowing where you need to improve—and how to improve—are two different things. Gamification solutions such as Verint Gamification provide the how. It helps managers understand how to engage, influence and motivate employees—presenting employees with learning […]


Game On! How to Make Gamification Work for Your Community

As a marketer, you’ve likely heard the term “gamification” thrown around a lot and perhaps wondered what it really means within a community. In order to be successful, businesses need to engage their community members in a way that matches their business objectives, whether that is by increasing engagement with employees and customers, reducing support […]


Turning the Lens Inward with Gamification

Ever since the creation of the front-facing smartphone camera, the “selfie” has exploded in popularity—especially among younger people—with millions of one-armed photos flooding the Internet. While selfies are a form of self-expression, they also indicate a paradigm shift—a greater focus on oneself, with a more public persona. In the old days, photos ended up in […]