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Entries for the ‘Branch Operations’ Category

The Award for Most Persistent Driver of Change Goes To … (Part 2)

In the previous blog post, I introduced the director of global business process services at a leading enterprise technology company. The director set out on a journey to provide back-office managers with the data they needed to make effective decisions around employee productivity.  Part one covered the first four hurdles she had to overcome. Following […]


Improve the Customer Experience—Listen to Your Branches

Even as many financial institutions and retailers decrease the overall number of branches or stores in their network, research shows that having a physical presence is still valued by consumers today. Customers may turn to a digital channel first to complete a transaction—they could attempt a mobile deposit or do an online product search, for […]


Employees: The Key to Successful Branch Transformation

Some of today’s financial institutions are changing from a traditional staffing model—based on tellers and transactions—to a universal banker model. This is a direct response to consumers’ increasing adoption of digital channels and their desire for advanced advisory services when visiting the branch. This staffing transformation has a wide impact on many aspects of business […]


The Branch Is Evolving—Not Dissolving

Does it feel like déjà vu every time you read another article predicting the death of the bank branch? There’s no denying that smartphone apps and online banking have had an effect on the bank branch—and yes, consumers are moving to digital channels. But while the number of brick and mortar locations may decline—and how […]