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Augmenting the Contact Center with Voice Biometrics

While many enterprises may have secured and locked down their online channels quite effectively, many have not addressed the vulnerability of the phone channel to fraud. Don’t be a sitting duck! Voice biometrics can help you detect fraudsters and verify legitimate customers by their voice during live calls. The benefits of voice biometrics for the […]


Using Voice Biometrics in the Call Center to Combat Digital Fraud

The rollout of chip-and-PIN cards is designed to help prevent counterfeit acts associated with credit card fraud and theft. Even still, online fraudulent purchases, a.k.a. “card not present” (CNP) fraud, remains a significant issue. For example, the market has seen chip-and-PIN adoption in the U.K. and Australia / New Zealand be followed by a sharp […]


Fraudsters Are Adapting to Chip & Pin Cards—Are You Adapting to Fraudsters?

With the convenience of online transactions comes the serious inconvenience of credit card fraud. This has led financial organizations to increasingly focus on ways to mitigate the rise in fraudster activity. Banks and online merchants should be aware that while the present transition to “chip and pin” in the United States will likely help reduce […]