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Webcast: What to Look for in an Effective Cyber Detection & Response Solution

Despite our best efforts, cyber attacks are getting more aggressive and sophisticated. The threat of targeted attacks is real, and the cyber security landscape must change with the need for greater vigilance. Today leading analysts are encouraging organizations to deploy solutions that go beyond the traditional defenses of siloed products, such as firewalls and antivirus […]


Revealing the Long-Term Costs of Building an Advanced Cyber SOC

Aware of the dangers and probability of suffering a data breach, organizations are rethinking their security posture. They realize that the traditional prevention-based security model, based on signature-based perimeter tools, is no longer effective against advanced cyber threats. To avoid being the next victim of a high-profile data breach, organizations are seeking advanced and post-breach […]


Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 2: Address the Shortage of Cyber Skills and Resources

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the cyber skills shortage. No question our industry must do more to provide education about cyber security and to encourage more students to launch down this path. But in the meantime, there is much that can be done to help improve efficiency and alleviate the shortage […]


Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 1: Make Security Teams More Productive

Despite the fact that companies invest $92 billion annually on cyber security, 80% of organizations are still breached. Just recently, highly publicized breaches at Acer, Cisco’s GotoMyPC, and Calgary University suggest that on the whole, our approach to cyber defense is fundamentally flawed. And the worst part is—today’s sophisticated attackers know exactly what these flaws […]


Making Every Second Count in Emergency Response

Every second counts in an emergency situation, and those seconds ticking by can seem like an eternity for those who wait for responders to arrive when a situation occurs. First responders are tasked with saving lives every day and must do so with precision, accuracy and efficiency. Lives can be forever changed in a matter […]


Can Public Safety Be Improved Through Citizen Engagement?

In cities around the globe, police officers and public safety officials work to ensure the safety of millions of residents—a prospect that must often feel daunting. Consider the fact that one of the world’s largest municipal police forces—New York City—includes more than 34,000 officers. And yet there is still only a 247-to-1 ratio of officers […]