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Turning the Lens Inward with Gamification

Ever since the creation of the front-facing smartphone camera, the “selfie” has exploded in popularity—especially among younger people—with millions of one-armed photos flooding the Internet. While selfies are a form of self-expression, they also indicate a paradigm shift—a greater focus on oneself, with a more public persona. In the old days, photos ended up in […]


Progress vs. Perfection: Setting Realistic Expectations

Nobody’s perfect—it’s an expression we’ve all heard thousands of times. Despite the popularity of this phrase, society continues to set unachievable standards by which to measure ourselves. From airbrushed photos of celebrities to athletes who feel pressured to take steroids despite the dangers they pose—the pressure is always there. In the workplace, while ambition and […]


Employee Engagement and Better Customer Engagement in 2016

Everyone is looking for a competitive advantage in 2016. While a good bit of the discussion focuses on the customer experience—and it should—providing tools for success to the people who speak daily with your customers should be front and center as well. After all, those are the people who serve your customers and help determine […]


Gamification: Engaged Employees Help Strengthen Customer Relationships

More and more, gamification is becoming an important part of organizations’ employee engagement efforts. They are finding its value related to coaching, performance management, change management and other elements of everyday work. Gamification is also an important part of Verint’s customer engagement optimization approach to helping organizations strengthen their customer relationships. I recently spoke with […]


The Unknown Benefits of Gamification – Part Two

Part one of this blog series introduced the lesser known benefits of gamification. In this post, we’ll explore how gamification can actually help create happier, more engaged employees. Employers are looking for ways to create more satisfied employees. That helps with customer experiences and engagement, and can help reduce attrition. Gamification can assist these efforts. […]


The Unknown Benefits of Gamification – Part One

Most people, when asked, will say that gamification is about using badges and points—and that employees will compete against each other to get the best result. Competition-driven gamification is indeed the crux of conventional wisdom about gamification. However, conventional wisdom isn’t always right. It is true that gamification is a good way to create positive […]