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The Surprising Answer to the FinTech Threat

While the world has embraced digital for both their entertainment and business purposes, something has emerged recently that may surprise a few people. The human element of customer service is not going anywhere—in fact, it may be more important than ever. A Verint survey of more than 24,000 customers across 12 countries, in collaboration with […]


The Right Data Can Drive Customer Action

In today’s fast-paced, attention-span challenged world, explaining customer behaviors and driving action are paramount. Organizations that take a good look at unstructured data—such as phone, email, and chat—can gain another view and a better platform for influencing their prospects and customers. Interestingly, consumers tend to be more open when speaking with another person, so these […]


The 2016 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Speech Analytics

As organizations place increasing value on what their customers think and feel, the potential in evaluating a customer’s actual words cannot be overstated. The effects of understanding and then acting on this information can positively affect how all departments prioritize their work. Recently I spoke to Speech Technology and highlighted how speech analytics technology can […]


Overcoming Customer Interaction Complexities with Customer Analytics

We’ve probably all heard that context is king. In the realm of understanding customer needs in an increasingly complex world, the importance of this phrase cannot be underestimated. Are you mining the wealth of data in customer analytics to improve your customer relationships? I recently spoke with Customer Experience Report—along with Ovum’s Keith Dawson—about how […]


Verint Updates Speech Analytics Platform to Provide Better Insights

How to best analyze and understand customer calls in order to serve customers better and help keep them loyal is an ongoing challenge for organizations. Verint has made that easier with its cutting-edge advancements to the Verint Speech Analytics™ solution, part of the Verint Customer Engagement Optimization™ portfolio. “Verint began the journey on this latest […]


A Little Data Can Have a Big Impact on Customer Engagement

Are you using your customer data to full advantage? You might be surprised at the difference you can make in customer engagement by applying the data you already have to help your customers. I recently spoke with Customer Experience Report about an experience I had at a Japanese hotel where employees applied the data they […]