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Customer Experience: The Difference Between Failure and Success

November 17 CRMXchange Webinar to Explore the Difference between Customer Experience Failure and Success The difference between delivering a customer experience failure or success can be razor thin. A colleague worked with a technology company that differentiated their commodity services with a brand promise of superior customer support. The brand promise was difficult to prove […]


Customer Experience Quality: Measuring Effectiveness, Ease and Emotion

October 27th CXPA Webinar with Forrester to Explore the 3 E’s of CX Quality Effectiveness, ease and emotion are three key benchmarks to measuring the quality of your customer experience program. The latter is an especially powerful indicator of customer loyalty, not to mention a key trigger that allows for immediate action. Knowing a customer […]


Measuring Loyalty: The Insider’s Guide to Customer Experience

When people think about measuring customer satisfaction, they naturally assume a corollary is customer loyalty. Unfortunately, customer satisfaction can only be a reliable predictor of customer behavior, and by extension loyalty, when evaluated within the context of the customer journey. At what point is the customer satisfied—at the purchase, when help is needed, or when […]


The 7 Deadly Survey Sins and How to Avoid Them

If you are a fan of baseball, Kevin Costner or simply great movies, you probably have watched “Field of Dreams.” Costner’s character, farmer Ray Kinsella, hears a whispering voice while walking one evening in his corn field. “If you build it, he will come.” Ray, with innocent enthusiasm, builds a baseball field in the middle […]


Do Your Customers Really Love You?

It’s sometimes hard to really know how your customers feel about you. Your methods for listening to and measuring your customer feedback are key to getting this right. Let’s start with your approach. Is the perspective of your customer feedback program Inside Out or Outside In? Unfortunately, internal bureaucracy leads many organizations to have an […]


Little Things Matter

Capturing and analyzing customer input across web, telephone, email and mobile channels can help organizations drive customer engagement optimization. But what specific approaches should you take? One of the top accounting and business consulting firms in North America recognizes that customer service is the key to its ongoing success and growth. Associates at every level […]