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Going “Back to the Future” with Silos

In another life, as “Bob the Movie Man,” I am a prolific film reviewer—so, I often frame business problems in terms of famous movies. For those old enough to remember “Back to the Future,” Marty McFly jumped into Doc Brown’s souped-up DeLorean and traveled back in time. What would happen if Marty got into the […]


Understanding the Cost Per Patient in the U.K.

As a speaker at a recent Healthcare Strategy Forum, it was my great pleasure to converse with a broad cross-section of the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) community. What was evident is the stress on these organizations from the competing factors of improving patient service—driven by the strong and genuine desire from health professionals to […]


Engagement Management Systems: Converting the IoT into Government Action

Earlier this month, I attended the Digital Transformation Executive Dinner presented by IDC in London. During that event, IDC’s Lionel Lamy, Associate Vice President, European Services, mentioned a startling statistic during his presentation, titled “IoT -Your Customers’ Next Generation Business Model.” Lamy stated that the 2014 market size for the Internet of Things (IoT) was […]


(Data) Corruption Running Rife in the Public Sector

A Forrester Research, Inc. report from November 2014 (“Better Customer Relationships Require Trusted Data” by Michele Goetz and Kate Leggett) pointed out the vital role of data quality in the success of CRM delivery, which, in the “age of the customer,” is intrinsically linked to the optimization of customer engagements. This report cites modelling that […]