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Speech Analytics as an Enterprise Change Agent

Four ways that speech insights can impact the contact center and beyond Speech analytics technology is becoming an essential change agent across the enterprise, with impact beyond the contact center, or customer engagement center. Many forward-looking organizations are using speech analytics to mine millions of customer call recordings for powerful actionable insights that can help […]


Stop Online Fraudsters in their Tracks with Voice Biometrics

Did you know contact centers are becoming an increasing part of the online fraud life cycle? Since the rollout of “chip-and-pin” cards, fraudsters are devoting more time to online card not present (CNP) attacks. This includes exploiting the contact center for access to account information. However, there is a promising new defense against this increased […]


The Game of Authentication and Fraud Detection

Balancing information security with consumer demands for speed is an increasing and rather daunting challenge. While the need to provide fast service is real—and customer loyalty may depend on it—identity theft is on the rise and must be addressed. How do organizations balance the two? Recently I spoke with Contact Centres about how voice biometrics […]


Verifying Customers Faster

  Is there a better way to authenticate callers than by asking security questions? Contact centers today find that security questions frustrate customers and don’t stop professional fraudsters armed with stolen data from cyber breaches. The answer to that question? Yes, there is. In this Gartner and Verint webcast, authentication and fraud experts from both […]


How to Employ a More Frictionless Approach to Customer Authentication

Can caller verification really become “frictionless”? Spending 45 seconds answering security questions is friction that can turn off customers and add to agent handle time. To aid in the reduction of friction and cost, mining phone calls for actionable intelligence can help easily and securely verify callers. You probably know how this scenario goes. You […]