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What do customers really think about web Self-Service?

How do I shop, let’s say, for a new digital SLR camera? I go to the internet and search for cameras, read the reviews, do product comparisons and shortlist the brands and models that meet my need (want?). Then I search for the best price. Next maybe I’ll go to a retail store like Best […]


Is BIG PROCESS the newest ‘big’ thing in technology?

There’s a term trending on Twitter at the moment that makes me shake my head and smile a little. Why didn’t I see that coming? It’s ‘Big Process’  (#bigprocess) and I find the tweets by Clay Richardson really interesting. Now, I had no clue what this could mean, so my mind was running in all […]


Think beyond processes, think Experiences!

Business process management (BPM) has largely focused on making business processes more efficient and agile. It provides tools and methodologies to achieve this goal. BPM is quite valuable for back office processes where the processes can be well defined and there is not much customer interaction. BPM ensures consistency in the back office processes but […]


Running for an experience

I recently completed my first half-marathon. I am not a regular runner but decided to participate in “Rock ‘n’ Roll” marathon in San Jose. It sounded like a fun thing to do. I did prepare for about five months and was quite ready for the challenge. What I didn’t expect was that running this race […]


Shadow processes – in customer experience

Post-it notes, Notepads, calling a colleague, stretching above cubical wall and yelling “Hey, have you received the PO yet? Can I invoice?” have become a part of our day to day work. How many times you have to ‘run around’ to get an order processed? Umpteen phone calls, emails, contract reviews etc. All this is […]


Cut, Cap and Balance – customer service challenges.

In past few weeks in the US we’ve seen spirited debates on raising debt limits, budget, and need to ‘Cut, Cap & Balance’. I’m not going to comment on budget or economic policies but I am intrigued by the idea of ‘cut, cap and balance’ in customer service as over the years customer service organizations have […]